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to Nursing on the Navajo Nation

N-NURSE is dedicated to nurture nurses who serve the people in and around the Navajo Nation. We promote nursing as a career for local residents, provide mentorship workshops, build partnerships to support nursing projects and ensure culturally safe nursing research for the benefit of Navajo people.

N-NURSE provides Navajoland nurses a network from which nursing students and other nurses impact the Navajo area health systems and provide culturally safe care.

N-NURSE will advocate for excellence in health care delivery to benefit the Navajo people.

To bridge core values of nursing with Diné Philosophy and wisdom through Nitsáhákees, Nahatá, Iiná, Siihasin.
April 28-29, 2016
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“Where our stories meet” … come to Flagstaff at the foot of the San Francisco Peaks to join a gathering where the views of Child Development from western psychiatry and Navajo Traditional Medicine meet in dialog. N-NURSE is hosting renowned child development scholar, Joshua Sparrow of the Brazelton Institute and esteemed Navajo Traditional Medicine practitioner, Roland Begay of the Office of Native Medicine at Chinle Comprehensive Health Services. These leaders will kick off the 2016 N-NURSE Symposium on Dine’ and Western approaches to early childhood development. If your passions include understanding child development, children and families and/or understanding cultural views of health and human development; the April 2016 N-NURSE symposium may be for you.

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